Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to know the exact condition of the vehicle before buying. With our extensive 188-point inspection, PWSP provides reliable information to remove the guesswork and minimize risk so buyers can purchase with confidence.

Yes! Buyers can book Premium Inspection directly to PWSPI and have it inspected for a fee, whether it is sold by a dealer or a private seller. Alternatively, you can visit any PWSPI-accredited dealer and select from their inventory that has already been inspected and can be purchased with Premium Warranty.

It’s common practice for dealers to sell secondhand cars on an as-is-where-is basis, but even the most diligent seller cannot predict when a car will break down. Premium Warranty safeguards your investment from hidden faults, defects, and sudden breakdown. Buyers can claim a warranty and have their vehicles repaired at no cost—a benefit only previously enjoyed by those who buy brand new vehicles.

PWSPI has accredited partner dealers who offer Premium Inspected secondhand vehicles that are available with Premium Warranty.

No. Premium Warranty must be applied upon purchase of the secondhand car from a PWSPI-accredited dealer.

It is not possible to extend your Premium Warranty as of the moment. Buyers must choose whether they prefer a 1-year or 2-year Premium Warranty coverage at the point of purchase.

No. The coverage period is strictly 1 or 2 years, depending on purchased coverage, and will not expire what distance the vehicle travels after purchase.

Once the maximum accumulated repair cost is reached, Premium Warranty automatically expires. It may also be voided due to vehicle misuse, improper maintenance, unauthorized modifications, or transfer of ownership.

Premium Warranty protects your vehicle from sudden breakdowns. It covers the repair or replacement of affected parts at no cost as long as it is within the Warranty Terms & Conditions. Buyers may have their vehicles repaired at any PWSPI-accredited repair shop nationwide.

Insurance covers vehicles against accidents and theft. Premium Warranty covers vehicles against unexpected breakdowns.

You may contact our sales team at (02) 8672 3294,, or fill in the form at the Contact Us page.

By having Premium Inspection, dealers can build trust and confidence with their customers by providing transparency on the vehicles they are selling.

Aside from offering trust and peace of mind, dealers can also expect an increase in customer inquiries and sales as they provide better service to the market that sets them apart from other used car dealers! Dealers can also enjoy reduced risk and less after-sales work as PWSPI takes care of customer concerns and warranty claims.

No. All secondhand vehicles must first pass the criteria of Premium Inspection before it can be offered with Premium Warranty.

Premium Warranty is offered with most locally produced Japanese, American, and Korean-branded secondhand vehicles as long as they pass Premium Inspection, are less than 10-years-old, and with no more than 150,000 km on the odometer.

Based on the vehicle’s current condition, flooded units, those that have been involved in serious accidents, and modified vehicles are all not eligible for Premium Warranty. Commercial vehicles converted to RHD,grey market units, and pickup trucks also cannot be offered with warranty coverage as of the moment.

No. Premium Warranty must be applied at the point of vehicle purchase.

PWSPI has over 60 accredited repair shops nationwide where customers can claim warranty service, free-of-charge.

Yes. The repair service center must simply go through PWSPI’s accreditation process and once approved, it can begin accepting warranty repair claims especially for customers who have bought a secondhand car from their used car dealership.

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